Operational Excellence: Part 1

Crafting an Operational Point of Focus Plan for Business Success

Join us for the first installment of our two-part webinar series, "Mastering Operational Excellence." In this session, we will provide a clear overview of the 4 Points of Focus. Explore how Operational Excellence, as a business approach, continually enhances operations, processes, and systems, emphasizing quality and continuous improvement. Delve into the 4 key areas: Strategy Development, Process Excellence, Performance Management, and Leadership and Culture. Understand the advantages of achieving operational excellence and receive guidance on creating your own "Operational Point of Focus Plan." Uncover essential key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring success and learn specific methods for monitoring systems and improving initiatives, including goal-setting, surveys, feedback forms, and audits. This foundational session sets the stage for operational success in your business journey.

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Wendy Roberts

Wendy Roberts prides herself on creating winning strategies while helping her clients maximize their resources and their profits. As a CPA, she knows her way around corporate financials. As an entrepreneur, start-up CEO & CVO and a former corporate executive, Wendy offers a broad insight into finding solutions to help her clients achieve exceptional growth and financial success. She has a BS in Accounting from Indiana University, MBA courses at the University of Tampa and years of experience counseling clients on financial and profitable success.